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Arkie Jigs are designed by Fishermen, for Fishermen, to catch fish.
Arkie Jigs remain a staple and a favorite in every fisherman's tackle box.


Crankbait season is upon us! Are you ready??
350 Series Crankbaits are here! Diving as deep as 11 feet, with a bigger body, and steeper bill, these will get the job done!

330 Series Crankbait- Chrome Clown

Bigger and better than before!

Don't forget our smaller 220 Series Crankbaits!
Dives up to 6 feet and look even better in the water! Available in 20 different colors!

220 Series Crankbait220 Series Crankbait

Crappie Ball Head Jigs With Sickle Hooks

Crappie Jig heads with Light Wire Sickle Hooks!
Ball heads and tube inserts!

These Un-Painted Ball Heads feature Light Wire Sickle Hooks in both Red and Black Nickle! These awesome jigs are made with Double Offset Keeper Barbs to hold your plastics in place even better than before!

Arkie Tied Minnow Teasers

Tied Minnow Teasers!
Add flash and color to your live bait presentations or kick it up a notch and team them up with one of our 2.5" XL Pro-Model Minnows for an even better artificial presentation as seen below!

Arkie Jigs Club Arkie Spider Rig
Arkie Shineee Hineee
Our Price: $1.99
Arkie Spider Rig
Khaki/Navy Hat
Our Price: $9.95
Arkie 2 Inch Salt Dipped Tubes Arkie Spider Rig Arkie 2.5 Inch XL Pro-Model Curl Tail Minnows
Arkie 1 oz. Spider Rig
Our Price: $3.79