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Arkie Tied Minnow Teasers
Arkie Tied Minnow Teasers
Our Price: $2.99

Sold in a 3-Pack.

Add color and flash to a live bait presentation with our Tied Minnow Teasers. Quickly
becoming popular with the live bait fisherman and a staple in the spider rig arsenal, these
tied teasers add color to minnow presentation as well as artificials.
Hand-Tied on Red 1/0 Sickle Hooks, these Teasers come in 27 color
including GLOW Colors that will glow in the dark.

Arkie Rigged Curl Tail Grub- 1/16 oz.
Arkie Rigged Curl Tail Grub
Our Price: $2.59

Sold in 7-Packs.

Arkie Curl Tail grubs come with a matching jig head and are pre-rigged and ready to go.
1/8 oz. are made with a #2 Gold Hook.
1/16 oz. are made with a #4 Gold Hook.
1/32 oz. are made with a #6 Gold Hook.

Arkie Pro Hineee
Arkie Pro Model Hineee
Our Price: $2.59

Built with the same great style as the original Shineee Hineee, Arkie's Pro-Model jigs new design feature a new Red Sickle Hook for an improved hook set on fish. Now available in 3 sizes, the 1/32 oz. Tineee Hineee built with a #4 Hook, the 1/16 oz. Pro Hineee built with a #2 Hook, and the 1/8 oz. Big Hineee built with a #1 Hook.
Sold in 2 Packs.
Gill Candy
Gill Candy
Our Price: $2.00

Built for Panfish, but don't be surprised when you end up with Crappie, Bass, or even a Catfish hooked up on these tiny 1/64 oz. Jigs. Try these close to shore under a bobber for all the fish catching you can handle!

Sold in 2-Packs
Arkie Shineee Hineee
Arkie Shineee Hineee
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 2 Packs.

The Original Bob's Shineee Hineee is a great little Crappie Jig. This jig has a multi colored, silver and gold Tinsel tail added for flash. Made with a #4 light wire red hook. A little Giant for those giant Crappie. It is a premium quality jig for all species of pan fish. Voted 2009 Field and Stream's guides choice for crappie, the Shineee Hineee is a proven fish catcher, and every tackle box should have them. Available in 1/16 oz. only.
Try out our new Pro Model Hineee's!
Arkie Mirrow Glow Jig Heads
Arkie Mirrow Glow Jigs
Our Price: $1.00

Arkie Mirror Glow Jigs, made from glow fibers, glow in the dark.