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Arkie Double Dipped Tubes
Arkie Salty Double Dipped Tubes

Sold in 8-packs.

Available in 2.75" and a larger 3.5" tube. The array of colors are perfect for small mouth. Our DDT tubes are salt impregnated- or loaded with salt.
Double dipped, by hand, these tubes are tough enough to land several fish.
They're not gonna tear apart after just one use! You'll love these eye catchers!

Arkie 2.5 Inch XL Pro-Model Curl Tail Minnows
Arkie 2.5" XL Pro-Model Curltail Minnows

Sold in 10-Packs & 100-Packs.

Arkie's 2.5" XL Pro-Model Curltail Minnows
Arkie 1.5 Inch Curl Tail Minnows
Arkie 1.5" Curltail Minnows

The 1.5” Minnow is sold in a 15-Pack or 100-Pack!

We have expanded our selection on the 1.5” Minnow, plus we have added the new 2.5” XL Pro-Model Minnow.
These are great to use with Arkie Minnow Teasers.

Arkie 1 Inch Salt Dipped Tubes
Salt Dipped Tubes

Sold in 15-Packs and 100-Packs.

We have completely re-vamped our crappie tubes!
All our tubes are now salt impregnated, dipped tubes, making them much tougher!
Plus, we’ve added many new colors, including GLOW, which glows in the dark!
We now offer the 1.5” tube as well as the 2” tube.
Arkie 2.5 Inch XL Pro-Model Tubes
Arkie 2.5" XL Pro-Model Tubes

'Cause size does matter! The Pro Model 2.5 XL Tube gives the bigger Crappie what they want! 2.5 inches of crappie tube! Try our painted walleye heads in 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz. to make a slab gettin' bait. Fish single pole in brush, timber or stumps, or try spider riggin' them!
Sold in 10 packs and 100 packs!
Arkie Fiddle Legs
Arkie Fiddle Legs

Sold in 10-Packs & 100-Packs.

The bug every Bluegill and Sunfish waits for. These life like bugs come alive with four legs, and drive the panfish crazy.
Arkie Paddle Tail Minnows
Arkie Paddle Tail Minnows

Sold in 15-Pack & 100-Packs.

A 1 inch version of a Paddle Tail Shad, in proven time honored fish catching colors. These are choice baits for Bream, Crappie, and Walleye.
Arkie Swamp Rat
Arkie Swamp Rat

Sold in 3-Packs.

Arkie's Swamp Rat can be fished as a frog style bait over moss, weeds and brush, or turned sideways and fished as swim bait! Try rigging with our Arkie Swim Bait Heads (SBH) or our Jerk & Stick Bait Heads (JS /JSB).
Arkie Stinger Tail Grubs
Arkie Stinger Tail Grubs

Arkie's 2 Inch Stinger Tail Grubs are a long standing staple and favorite among saltwater anglers.
Arkie Saltwater 4 Inch Twin Tail Shrimp
Arkie Saltwater 4 Inch Twin Tail Shrimp

4 Inch Twin Tail Shrimp, a Saltwater Favorite.
Sold in 5-Pack.
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