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Arkie Swamp Rat
Arkie Swamp Rat
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 3-Packs.

Arkie's Swamp Rat can be fished as a frog style bait over moss, weeds and brush, or turned sideways and fished as swim bait! Try rigging with our Arkie Swim Bait Heads (SBH) or our Jerk & Stick Bait Heads (JS /JSB).
Arkie Twin Tail Trailer
Arkie Twin Tail Trailer
Our Price: $2.00

Sold in 8-Packs & 100-Packs.

The perfect trailer for spinner baits or Bass Jigs, or can be fished as a twin tail grub.
Arkie 2" BC Craw
Arkie Salty BC Craw
Our Price: $2.29

This Salty 2 inch crawfish imitation is great for using as a Jig Trailer, or as a stand-alone crawfish on a grub head. Also used on a Carolina rig, these will trigger even the most finicky fish into biting. Rig with a grub head for creek and pond fishing, or light finesse fishing anywhere. Sold in 10 and 100 Packs.
Arkie 4" Soft Craw
Arkie 4" Soft Craw
Our Price: $3.49

These crawfish imitations are very life like in the water, fish well on either Carolina rigs or Shakey head style, and also make great crawfish trailers. As an added bonus, for smaller waters, the tail can be pinched off, and create a near perfect crawfish imitation to use on a grub head. Sold in packs of 10, in colors to match all conditions.
Arkie Double Dipped Tubes
Arkie Salty Double Dipped Tubes
Our Price: $3.79

Sold in 8-packs.

Available in 2.75" and a larger 3.5" tube. The array of colors are perfect for small mouth. Our DDT tubes are salt impregnated- or loaded with salt.
Double dipped, by hand, these tubes are tough enough to land several fish.
They're not gonna tear apart after just one use! You'll love these eye catchers!

Arkie Salty Crawlin' Fry
Arkie Salty Crawlin' Fry
Our Price: $6.50

The Creepy Crawler of the Salty Crawlin' Series. You always hear about the lures fish love, here is one they hate! And they will do whatever they can to rid their water of them! Which means a catch almost every cast! Rigged on a Carolina Rig, Fished on a grub head, or fished Wacky Style, these lively baits produce smashing strikes! Watch the video below to see them in action!