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Arkie Salty Crawlin Lizard
5" Salty Crawlin Lizard
Our Price: $1.25

5" Salty Crawlin Lizard. Sold in 8-Packs.
Arkie Crawfish Jig Trailer
Crawfish Jig Trailer
Our Price: $1.49

Arkie's new tough ribbed body crawfish is the perfect design to be used as a jig trailer or a lifelike Crawdad imitating grub!
Sold in 5 Packs.
Crystalina Rattle Band Skirts
Our Price: $1.67

Sold In 2-Packs & 100-Packs.

The same jig skirts we use on our Arkie Rattle Band® Jigs, these 42 strand Jig Skirts come ready made to slip on your jig, complete with the Rattle Band® on them.
Arkie Pre-Rigged Crawlin' Grub Jig
Arkie Crawlin' Grub Jig
Our Price: $1.89

The popular Arkie Crawllin' Grub now comes with our own Arkie Weedless Standup Head and a guide on how to Rig! These come in the same colors as the Arkie Crawlin' Grub Jig (Product Code: CG)

Shown Pre-Rigged.

Sold 1 per package, choose color and size.
The Original Arkie Jig
Arkie Rattle Band Jig
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 1-Pack.

For years Arkie's Rattle Band Jig have been one of Fishermen's Favorites, winning both the Bassmaster's Classic and Redman All American!

Available in 1/4oz. and 3/8oz. these jigs use a tough, forged 4/0 open-throat flipping hook, specially made for Arkie Jigs, and the 1/2oz. uses the same in 5/0.
Our silicone skirts attach with a Rattle Band ® Collar for the option of adding rattles to your jig.
Arkie X-Press Jig
Arkie X-Press Jig
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 1-Packs.

This compact, finesse-type Arkie X-Press Bass Jig is built with a Rattle Band® Skirt and uses a 4/0 Black Nickle Mustad Needle Point hook. These tough 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. jigs are suitable for all types of Finesse Jig fishing, and tough enough for a compact Flipping Jig.
Arkie Swamp Rat
Arkie Swamp Rat
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 3-Packs.

Arkie's Swamp Rat can be fished as a frog style bait over moss, weeds and brush, or turned sideways and fished as swim bait! Try rigging with our Arkie Swim Bait Heads (SBH) or our Jerk & Stick Bait Heads (JS /JSB).
Arkie Twin Tail Trailer
Arkie Twin Tail Trailer
Our Price: $2.00

Sold in 8-Packs & 100-Packs.

The perfect trailer for spinner baits or Bass Jigs, or can be fished as a twin tail grub.
Arkie Salty Rattlin' Flippin' Tubes
Arkie Salty Rattlin' Flippin' Tubes
Our Price: $2.00

Arkie's Salty Rattlin' Flippin' Tubes are designed with a rattle chamber allowing you to insert one of our Rattle Band Rattles into the chamber for an awesome 4" Rattlin' Flippin' Tube.
Arkie's special chamber allows the rattle to stay clear of the hook for a better hookset.
Sold in 8-packs.

Arkie 2" BC Craw
Arkie Salty BC Craw
Our Price: $2.29

This Salty 2 inch crawfish imitation is great for using as a Jig Trailer, or as a stand-alone crawfish on a grub head. Also used on a Carolina rig, these will trigger even the most finicky fish into biting. Rig with a grub head for creek and pond fishing, or light finesse fishing anywhere. Sold in 10 and 100 Packs.
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