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WUB Heads
Our Price: $0.75

Arkie Carolina Speed Rigging Stops And Beads
Arkie Carolina Speed Rigging Stops And Beads
Our Price: $0.90

5 pack of our Speed Riggin' beads and stops.
Arkie Jig Spinners
Arkie Jig Spinners
Our Price: $0.99

Turn any of your crappie or panfish lures into a spinner with these Jig spinners.  Attach to jig head and cast or troll. Sold in pack of 2.
Arkie Mirrow Glow Jig Heads
Arkie Mirrow Glow Jigs
Our Price: $1.00

Arkie Mirror Glow Jigs, made from glow fibers, glow in the dark.
Arkie Salty Crawlin Lizard
5" Salty Crawlin Lizard
Our Price: $1.25

5" Salty Crawlin Lizard. Sold in 8-Packs.
Arkie Fiddle Legs
Arkie Fiddle Legs
Our Price: $1.29

Sold in 10-Packs & 100-Packs.

The bug every Bluegill and Sunfish waits for. These life like bugs come alive with four legs, and drive the panfish crazy.
Arkie Crawfish Jig Trailer
Crawfish Jig Trailer
Our Price: $1.49

Arkie's new tough ribbed body crawfish is the perfect design to be used as a jig trailer or a lifelike Crawdad imitating grub!
Sold in 5 Packs.
Arkie Slip Stop Bobber Stop
Arkie Slip Stop Bobber Stop
Our Price: $1.49

Slip Stop Bobber Stop comes with 10 plastic stops and beads.

Stops are made onto a rail, where you can thread line thru and then snap off of rail. Fits line sizes 2# to 30# Test.
Arkie Curl Tail Grubs- CT-2
Arkie Curl Tail Grubs
Our Price: $1.59

A staple lure in the tackle box of the pan fishermen, 2" Arkie Curl Tail Grubs are one of the standard lures when you have to catch'em.
Arkie 3 Inch Glow Grubs
Our Price: $1.59

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