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Arkie Platinum Swimming Jig
Joe Thomas Signature Series Platinum Swimming Jig Set
Our Price: $3.49

Single Jig sold with 2 matching Twin Tail Trailers (TTT).

Arkie's unique Planing Head Design on our Joe Thomas Signature Series Platinum Swim Jigs allow these jigs to plane easier and swim better through and over grass than any other swimming jig on the market today.
We use the extra strong 4/0 Eagle Claw Lazer-Sharp Wide-Gap Hook with an In-Line eye tie for the perfect swimming plane, balance, and hook set ratio for both fast and slow retrieves. This is the Ultimate Swim Jig!

Arkie Football Jig
Arkie Football Jig
Our Price: $3.49

Sold in 1-Packs.

Arkie Football Jigs use the Ultra Sharp 4/0 Mustad Needle Point Hooks.
These are one of the best methods for covering lots of deep water quickly.
We use the 50-strand Hole-N-One Skirts with Rattle Band® for you to add rattles and a very durable speckled powder coat finish on our heads.
Arkie Mirror Glow Spinnerbait
Our Price: $2.50

Arkie's Mirror Glow Spinnerbait is made with color-shifting fibers with reflecting qualities that adapt to the color of its surroundings. By retaining surrounding light it attracts more fish from greater distances in low light or no light conditions. Super limp, highly reflective, and super strong. These baits are tied on Chrome Jig Heads. Framed with Stainless Steel Wire, U.S.A. ball bearing swivel and Brass Fluted Blades plated in Nickel or 24 KT Gold. This combination creates a maximum of flash and vibration! This is truly the premier spinnerbait!
Arkie Muddler Collar Bucktail Bass Jig
Our Price: $2.49

The Arkie Muddler Collar Bucktail Bass Jig is tied with a special hair collar that helps the jig to stand up-right, and kicks up more clouds of mud along the bottom, just like a feeding crawfish.
Made with a 4/0 Hook.
Arkie Bucktail Jig
Original Arkie Bucktail Jig
Our Price: $2.39

Arkie's Original Bucktail Bass Jig are hand tied by our own craftsman and made with a heavy flipping hook. Available in 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., & 1/2 oz.

Sold in 1-Packs & Cards of 6.
Arkie X-Press Jig
Arkie X-Press Jig
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 1-Packs.

This compact, finesse-type Arkie X-Press Bass Jig is built with a Rattle Band® Skirt and uses a 4/0 Black Nickle Mustad Needle Point hook. These tough 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. jigs are suitable for all types of Finesse Jig fishing, and tough enough for a compact Flipping Jig.
The Original Arkie Jig
Arkie Rattle Band Jig
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 1-Packs & Card of 6.

For years Arkie's Rattle Band Jig have been one of Fishermen's Favorites, winning both the Bassmaster's Classic and Redman All American!

Available in 1/4oz. and 3/8oz. these jigs use a tough, forged 4/0 open-throat flipping hook, specially made for Arkie Jigs, and the 1/2oz. uses the same in 5/0.
Our silicone skirts attach with a Rattle Band ® Collar for the option of adding rattles to your jig.
Arkie Pre-Rigged Crawlin' Grub Jig
Arkie Pre-Rigged Crawlin' Grub Jig
Our Price: $1.89

The popular Arkie Crawllin' Grub Jigs now come Pre-Rigged on our own Arkie Weedless Standup Head! These come in the same colors as the Arkie Crawlin' Grub Jig (Product Code: CG).

Shown Pre-Rigged.

Sold 1 per package, choose color and size.