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Crystalina Rattle Band Skirts
Our Price: $1.67

Sold In 2-Packs & 100-Packs.

The same jig skirts we use on our Arkie Rattle Band® Jigs, these 42 strand Jig Skirts come ready made to slip on your jig, complete with the Rattle Band® on them.
Arkie Worm Rattle
Our Price: $2.49

Sold in 10-Packs, 100-Packs, & 500-Packs.

Arkie Worm Rattles add sound to any plastic lure. Simply push the rattle into your soft plastic bait. Made from tough plastic, these rattles hold up and won't break.
Rattle Band Rattles
Our Price: $2.99

Sold in 10-Packs & 100-Packs or combination 20-Packs(10 bands/rattles each).

Add 1 or 2 rattles to any jig, quick and easy with these Rattle Band® Jig Rattles.
Arkie Jig Rattle
Our Price: $3.87

Sold in 10-Packs, 100-Packs & 500-Packs.

Arkie Jig Rattles glue on to the hook shank. These noise makers also help to keep your jig trailers, such as pork baits and thick plastics, from riding up the hook shank and flipping over onto the hook point and interfering with a hook set.