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Arkie Jigs Club
Arkie Jigs Club
Our Price: $25.00

This 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month package allows you to pick the type of fishing suited to you!
Options available are: Bass, Crappie/Panfish, Southern Crappie/Panfish & Walleye.

Just like to catch some Panfish for the table? Try the Panfish Package!
Crappie fishing in the deep South? Try the Southern Panfish Package!
If you're after Bass, sign up for the Bass Package!
Live in the land of intermittent hard water? Try the Walleye Package!

These monthly packages are delivered straight to your front door! No shipping charges! This package also makes a great gift for anyone!
Sign up today and start loading up your tackle boxes with top quality and proven fish catching lures!

Save money and get loaded up with some of the best tackle that's proven the test of time!