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Arkie Grab Bag
Our Price: $10.00

Arkie Grab Bag includes an assortment of products at the price of your choice!
Simply put the Grab Bag into your cart- from the shopping cart page choose the amount you would like your grab bag to be! Choose anything from $1.00 and above, just make sure that you change the amount before checkout or we will not be able to send you a bag! If you would like your Grab Bag to be geared towards a certain species of fish leave us a message in the order notes and we'll get you set up!
Girlie Gear Camo Hat
Girlie Gear Embroidered Camo Hat
Our Price: $7.50

Girlie Gear Camo Hat. Adjustable clip back. Front & back embroidery. Limited Quantity.
Arkie Mirror Glow Spinnerbait
Our Price: $2.50

Arkie's Mirror Glow Spinnerbait is made with color-shifting fibers with reflecting qualities that adapt to the color of its surroundings. By retaining surrounding light it attracts more fish from greater distances in low light or no light conditions. Super limp, highly reflective, and super strong. These baits are tied on Chrome Jig Heads. Framed with Stainless Steel Wire, U.S.A. ball bearing swivel and Brass Fluted Blades plated in Nickel or 24 KT Gold. This combination creates a maximum of flash and vibration! This is truly the premier spinnerbait!
Arkie Salty Rattlin' Flippin' Tubes
Arkie Salty Rattlin' Flippin' Tubes
Our Price: $2.00

Arkie's Salty Rattlin' Flippin' Tubes are designed with a rattle chamber allowing you to insert one of our Rattle Band Rattles into the chamber for an awesome 4" Rattlin' Flippin' Tube.
Arkie's special chamber allows the rattle to stay clear of the hook for a better hookset.
Sold in 8-packs.

Arkie Swamp Rat
Arkie Swamp Rat
Our Price: $1.99

Sold in 3-Packs.

Arkie's Swamp Rat can be fished as a frog style bait over moss, weeds and brush, or turned sideways and fished as swim bait! Try rigging with our Arkie Swim Bait Heads (SBH) or our Jerk & Stick Bait Heads (JS /JSB).
Arkie Salty Crawlin Lizard
5" Salty Crawlin Lizard
Our Price: $1.25

5" Salty Crawlin Lizard. Sold in 8-Packs.
Arkie Mirrow Glow Jig Heads
Arkie Mirrow Glow Jigs
Our Price: $1.00

Arkie Mirror Glow Jigs, made from glow fibers, glow in the dark.
Arkie Carolina Speed Rigging Stops And Beads
Arkie Carolina Speed Rigging Stops And Beads
Our Price: $0.90

5 pack of our Speed Riggin' beads and stops.
WUB Heads
Our Price: $0.75

Ice Jig
Our Price: $0.50

ICE JIGS! Ticks, Ants and Minnows!