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Arkie Lures are designed by fishermen for fishermen.
        Arkie remains a favorite & staple in every tackle box.

Bass Lures

Rattle Band & Hair Jigs, Jig Trailers & more.

Bass Lures

crappie lures

Pro Hineee's, Spider Rigging, Crankbaits & Lures galore.


Hoppers, Poppers, Lipless,
350's, 220's & more.

Jig Heads

Bass, Crappie, Saltwater to Striper we've got
the jig heads you need.

plastic lures

From our world famous Crawlin' Grubs to our
Sexy Tail Shad find all our plastic lures here.

Catch Up With #Arkie

Arkie Spider Rig Arkie Platinum Swimming Jig Arkie 2.5 Inch XL Pro-Model Curl Tail Minnows
Arkie Spider Rig
Our Price: $2.49
Arkie Salt Dipped Tubes Arkie 2.5 Inch XL Pro-Model Tubes Arkie Shineee Hineee
Arkie Shineee Hineee
Our Price: $1.99
Arkie Double Dipped Tubes Rattle Band Rattles Arkie Rigged Curl Tail Grub- 1/16 oz.
Rattle Band Rattles
Our Price: $2.99